Orienteering circuits

At the park there are orienteering circuits for all levels, children and adults. The activity is carried out in small groups. The group is provided with a detailed map of the park and a control card. After an explanation, some milestones have to be found in the least time.

nens preparant circuit orientacio

Night circuits

Are you looking for more exciment? You can do all the circuits at night. The sensations are completely diferent! Everybody will be provided with a helmet-mounted flashlight.

noia parc cordes nocturn


Les Deus Aventura offers you activities in which all the family can take part. These activities can be shared with a group of friends or with the family. We test your skills and you will see how the difficulties are different for each of us. It’s a good time to enjoy new sensations together.

To come in groups, you must book in advance by phone or e-mail. The adventure park can be opened outside working hours for groups of 20 people to do a circuit, or groups of 10 people to do 2 circuits.

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