Safety at Les Deus Aventura

Les Deus Aventura will provide you with all the equipment necessary to enjoy an exciting activity in a very safe manner. Our instructors will equip you with all the required equipment to carry out your adventure, the personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of:

  • 1 safety belt
  • 1 double anchor bag with a locking carabiner fixed by the continuous life line and a pulley
  • 1 Helmet

Once you have all your equipment, our instructors will explain all the safety rules at the briefing area so that you can move forward through the platforms, different games and zip-lines in a safe manner. Now you are ready to start your circuit!


in Les Deus Aventura
we accompany you
through the circuits


in les Deus Aventura we accompany you
through the circuits

Safety at acrobatic parks

Las Deus Aventura applies the European standards that are the most complete and drastic. Regarding Catalan legislation, we have accepted Decree 56/2003, of February 4, which regulates physical-sporting activities in the natural environment. These standards cover:

Norm: NF 52-901-1, that defines:

  • The respect to the natural environment.
  • The location of the playing area.
  • The resistance level of the trees.
  • The safety devices for protection against falls from height.
  • The design of platforms and workshops.
  • Signals.
  • Control and maintenance operations.

 Norm: NF 52-901-2, that defines:

  • The welcome and customer service policies.
  • The customers safety equipment.
  • The safety instructions.

Norm: XP S 72-701, that regulates the management and use of the PPE (Personal protective equipment). Equipment that complies with the European legislation:

  • Harnesses.
  • Anchors.
  • Carabiners.
  • Helmets.

The park is run by a Superior technician in high mountain sports, which is the highest qualification you can obtain in Spain to run an outdoor sports company, following decree 56/2003 Generalitat de Catalonia. The other instructors have the qualifications required by the above decree in order to work in this kind of sports.

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